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Ejector Racks

Ejector Racks

Marvin Engineering Co., Inc. (MEC) is a qualified source for a wide range of ejector racks in use by the U.S. Armed Forces and  international operators on both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.


MEC has also produced Ejector Rack Adapter Assemblies and has developed state-of-the-art pneumatic ejector rack solutions for 5th Generation and beyond aircraft.


In addition to the ejector racks listed below, MEC has produced numerous other systems including various versions of Multiple Ejector Racks (MER), AERO 7A/B, AERO 20B, BRU-10, BRU-11, BRU-20, BRU-21,and BRU-42/A (ITER).

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BRU-15 Ejector Rack


Lightweight Electro-Mechanical Ejector Rack for carriage and release of stores up to...

BRU-22 Ejector Rack

BRU-22/A & BRU-23/A

Single-Piston Light Duty Pyrotechnic Ejector Rack for carriage and release of stores...