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Advanced Capabilities Pneumatic Ejector Rack

After spending decades as a build-to-print manufacturer of a wide variety of ejector racks and missile launchers, MEC made the decision to invest in building a specialized Engineering R&D Team to focus on developing state-of-the-art pneumatic technology which can provide superior performance under more challenging performance envelopes to existing alternative solutions.

This revolutionary pneumatic ejector rack is the first in a family of solutions which will support high-performance manned and unmanned platforms.




MEC is working with an undisclosed customer to integrate the first of its advanced capability pneumatic ejector racks on a high-performance platform which will significantly expand the aircraft’s warfighting capabilities.


While pneumatically powered ejector racks are not a new concept, the overall performance of such systems has been under fairly traditional flight envelopes and within certain well understood release parameters.

In certain instances, the carriage and release systems have not been able to fully leverage the flight capabilities of highly advanced aircraft nor the full performance characteristics of precision-guided munitions.


MEC’s Engineering R&D Team worked for several years to develop ground-breaking pneumatic technology which would expand the performance envelopes and characteristics of ejector rack technology.

As a result of their work, several U.S. patents have been awarded (additional patents are pending) and the prototype units have been undergoing testing, validation and initial platform integration with an undisclosed customer.


The MEC Team has successfully demonstrated the ability of its innovative carriage system to safely carry and eject stores in performance envelopes which were previously not achievable with other existing carriage and release systems.

The customer has referred to this capability as “game-changing” as it provides options to the warfighter which were previously unavailable and can dramatically increase the lethality and effectiveness of the aircraft that the technology is integrated with.

MEC’s R&D Engineering Team has successfully demonstrated its ability to design highly sophisticated pneumatically powered stores carriage and release systems. These sophisticated systems are intended for use with 5th Generation and beyond air frames which are seeking armament equipment which can operate in flight profiles previously beyond the capability of more conventional solutions.

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