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Launch Systems

Launch Systems

Marvin Engineering Co., Inc. (MEC) is a qualified source for several guided missile launchers in use by the U.S. Armed Forces and international operators on both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.


In addition to the launchers listed below, MEC has produced other launchers including the LAU-100, M272/M279, and M65 TOW.

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Common Ground Rail (CGR)

Marvin Engineering Co. has produced a variety of launcher systems utilized in...

LAU-127 Missile Rail Launcher


Single rail launcher designed for the carriage and release of AIM-9 Sidewinder...

LAU-128 Missile Rail Launcher


Part of the Missile Rail Launcher (MRL) family, the LAU-128 supports the...

LAU-129 Missile Rail Launcher


The LAU-129 is part of the Missile Rail Launcher (MRL) family which...

M299 Longbow Hellfire Missile Launcher

M299/M310 Longbow Missile Launcher

The M299 (4-rail) and M310 (2-rail) Longbow Missile Launcher are integrated with...

LAU-151 Missile Rail Launcher

LAU-151/A (External Rail Launcher)

The LAU-151/A External Rail Launcher is a single rail design integrated with...

AIM-7 Sparrow Pylon for F-16

AIM-7 Sparrow Pylon

This pylon is integrated with the F-16 to allow carriage of the...

NASAMS Surface to Air Missile System

Surface Launched Ground Systems

Marvin Engineering Co. has produced a variety of launcher systems utilized in...

LAU-117 Maverick Missile Launcher

LAU-117 (Maverick Missile Launcher)

The LAU-117 Missile Launcher is designed for carriage and release of the...

LAU-7 Missile Launcher


Air-to-Air missile launcher for carrying the AIM-9 Sidewinder Missile, AIM-132 ASRAAM and...

Captive Air Training Missile (CATM)

CATM-120B/C (Captive Air Training Missile)

This Captive Air Training Missile is an inert store that is captive...

F-16 Wingtip Launcher (16S210)

Wingtip Launcher (16S210)

The F-16 Wingtip Launcher (16S210) is a rugged and versatile single-rail launcher...