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Maintenance / Repair / Overhaul

Maintenance / Repair / Overhaul

Marvin Engineering recognizes that full life cycle support, including long-term sustainment, is crucial to the warfighter, and for several decades we have provided such support for both domestic and international customers.


Our most recent sustainment innovation is the Configurable Armament Repair Depot (CARD), a self-contained horizontal sustainment solution, initially designed for 5th Generation and Legacy Aircraft but adaptable to support land and naval applications as well.

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Marvin Engineering Co. Depot

Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) & Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Marvin Engineering Co. has extensive domestic and international experience providing both Logistics...

Interior of Configurable Armament/AME Repair Depot (CARD)

Configurable Armament/AME Repair Depot (CARD)

A horizontal sustainment solution and concept, the Configurable Armament/AME Repair Depot (CARD)...

Marvin Engineering Co. Depot Facility

AME/AAE Depot & Upgrade Services

Marvin Engineering Co. provides comprehensive depot level services for AME/AAE on behalf...

Classroom participants

AME/AAE Maintenance & Training

Marvin Engineering Co. provides comprehensive training for the maintenance and sustainment of...